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What's In A Name?


The name “Bassa High School Association” was a well thought of nomenclature given to the association by the founding members to depict a general inclusion by anyone who has attended the Bassa High School at any point. We did not call the organization an alumni association because not all students graduated from the school. As it is, with our organization’s name being what it is, people who attended BHS at some point but did not graduate due to any reason still feel a part. It is our hope that the inclusiveness of the nomenclature as well as the efforts being made by its members to assist the school will be an encouragement to others to join in our goal…putting Bassa High School back on the map of schools to be proud of in Liberia.  


About The Bassa High School Association, USA


The Bassa High School Association, USA is a non profit organization. It is comprised of graduates from the institution, as well as former students, faculty members, and friends. The institution has always played a significant role in the overall growth and development of Grand Bassa County and Liberia as a whole. Since its inception initially as the Hartzel Academy and later the Bassa High School, it has produced scores of politicians, religious leaders, businessmen, scientists as well as productive citizens in Liberia and numerous other countries abroad.

The institution experienced a steep decline in support following the military coup of 1980 and the subsequent 14 years of civil war from 1989 to 2003. Given the circumstances, graduates, former students, and friends recognized the need to assist the organization financially as well as materially, and thus organized themselves accordingly.


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