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The Building Project


This is one of the most comprehensive projects being undertaking by the Bassa High School Association, USA. It includes a number of phases ranging from relatively lost cost to very costly.  Some aspects of this project have been done in collaboration with the school’s administration while others have been on our own or with help from credible donor partners.


Under the building project, the school’s main building was painted on the outside with the cooperative effort of the school’s authorities. Broken stairs on the far end of the first floor facing Tubman Street was rebuilt, thanks to the initiative of then Board Chair, E. Nuku Reeves. The once boarded entry/exit is now accessible. Another aspect of the building project is the renovation of the auditorium. This has been completed. It involved redoing the floor, replacing the ceiling, windows and painting. With the assistance of donor partners covering the renovation, our association has purchased 400 folding chairs for the auditorium. These are clearly marked chairs to give our association the visibility deserved. As an addendum to this project, the school’s administration has petitioned us to assist with the renovation of all of the restrooms in the main building (a total of four). An assessment of the condition of the restrooms has revealed that they will take a considerable amount of resources. This is because they involve replacing all of the pipes and plumbing work.


One of the challenging aspects of the building project is replacing the windows throughout the school building. The building has quite a number of windows, all of which are obsolete. This means that it is not only replacing the broken glasses but also getting completely new windows. The school is made up of at least fifty percent or more windows (a close look at the main building will give a graphic description of what we are referring to). We always welcome partners and contributors to join us in helping to restore this historic institution. The picture below is that of the main building on the Bassa High School campus.

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