BHSAUSA Standing Committees


The below committees are the current standing committees mandated by the constitution. The list contains committee chairpersons and some have current members as well.


Ways and Means Committee

Mr. Richmond Matthews- Chairman

Ms. Esther Caulcrick--Co-Chair

Nathaniel T. Brumskine

S. Roy Reeves

Rev. Daniel Davis

Alfreda M. Davis

Frances Potter-Baigebo, Ex-officio



Projects Committee

Johnny T. Barnard ---Chairman

Anna Konah-Jackson ----Co-Chair

Beatrix Y. Flah

Dekontee Alice Taylor

Frances Potter-Baigebo, Ex-officio



Scholarship Committee

Lucinda Y. Nagbe-----Chairperson

Ida E. Lloyd --Co-Chair

Osseh Brownell Gordon

Frances Potter-Baigebo, Ex-officio

Convention Program Committee

Ms. Berma Findley - Chairperson

Lucinda Y. Nagbe - Co-Chair

Charles G. Nagbe

Ida Lloyd

Calvin R. Johnson

Frances Potter-Baigebo, Ex-officio

Membership Committee 

Charles G. Nagbe---Chairman

Alfreda M. Davis --Co-Chair

D. Augustus Nyekan

Immanuel Woatee Karpeh

Frances Potter-Baigebo, Ex-officio

Technology Committee

Roy Reeves- Chairman

Trokon Gbadyu -Co-Chair

Lucinda Y. Nagbe

Calvin Roosevelt Johnson

Frances Potter-Baigebo, Ex-officio

Executive Special Advisors to the President on Government Affairs & Public Policy 

Mr. Emmanuel Nuku Reeves - President/Chairman Emeritus - Leader

Mabu Stafford Tobor

Estella Kilby Pailey

Chapman Adams

Julia Duncan-Cassell

Cllr Johnny Barnard and others_edited_ed

Internal Auditing 


J. Alexander Morris - Chairman

Serena B. Reeves - Co-Chair

Richmond Matthews 

Grievance and Outreach Committee

Dr. Samuel Obediah Butscher - Chairman

Mrs. Emma M. Peal

Election Committee

Mr. Patrick D. Williams - Chairman

Mrs. Lucinda Nagbe - Co-Chair

Mr. A. Gentry Perry - Advisor & Member