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Computer Lab

The operations of a modern computer lab is one of the projects identified by the administration of the BHSAUSA. In this age of technological advancements and a rapidly changing information super highway, the need for an up-to-date and properly functioning modern computer lab cannot be over-emphasized.


While this is achievable in the short to intermediate term, it requires several prequisites prior to becoming a reality. The school facilities need to have a constant flow of electricity either through the acquisition of a generator capable of meeting the electricy needs, or through the connection to the city's electricity grid. Neither of these are currently availabe, posing serious challanges to meeting the lab's objectives.


BHSAUSA is fully committed to assisting the school's system meet these challenges in the very near future. There is also a need for an adequate number of modern desk top computer hardwares with software that are on par with similar centers in comparable institutions. In addition to these, there is also the need for printers and supplies to keep the lab properly functioning.


All of these can be attained with contributions from donors and other interested partners. 

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