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Mission Statement



The Association's missions include but are not limited to:

  • To unite and assist the institution in its endeavor to continue imparting useful knowledge to the young people of Liberia;


  • To prepare these young people to be active participants in today's complex, sophisticated, and interwoven world rather than mere spectators;


  • To support its utmost potential the motto of the school: "Turris Lucis" (Latin for "Tower of Light"), so that Bassa High School will once again shine its light and illuminate the entire community.


Support for the Bassa High School Association is comprised mainly of funds raised from the organization's constituents. These funds are used to carry out projects such as: the purchasing of 300 desk and chairs for students as well as the installation of an iron gate to the main entrance of the school building.


We have a growing team of committed individuals who will settle for nothing less then total success.

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