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Mrs. Anna Konah-Jackson

Mrs. Anna Konah-Jackson is an active member of the Bassa High School Association, USA. She originally hailed from Nimba County, Liberia, where she began her education, completing the primary level. Young Anna did a lot of moving during her school days. Her first move was a relocation to Monrovia where she lived with her uncle and attended the Haywood Mission Academy on the Old Road in Sinkor for only a year. Later on she transferred to the Broad Street Elementary School (a member of the MCSS system) for one year. With all of these instabilities, Anna maintained her focus and still excelled in her studies.

In 1970, Anna moved to Buchanan and lived with the Davies' family. She was enrolled in the afternoon division of the Elementary Demonstration School where she completed the 6th grade. Anna then started her Junior High School at the St. John's Parish Day School where she attended for a couple of years. When promoted to the 8th grade in 1972, Ms. Konah transferred to the Bassa High School where she stayed until her graduation from high school. She was a member of the radical class of 1976 (although not a radical herself). Anna carried herself with dignity during her stay at the Bassa High School. She was one of the neatly dressed girls whose uniform was always very clean and well ironed (especially the pleated uniform skirts). She won the admiration of several male students but was locked in a solid relationship.

Mrs. Jackson is a nurse by profession. She pursued her professional academic studies at the Dekalb Technical Institute in Atlanta, Georgia. Anna is gainfully employed and contributing her quota towards the healthcare needs of the Atlanta metro community.

Because of her active involvement in the activities of the Bassa High School Association, USA, the body elected her as Secretary, unopposed at the National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2017. She has since been executing her duties satisfactorily. We are pleased to feature Mrs. Anna Konah-Jackson as our personality of focus for this period. Congratulations on your preferment!

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