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There are several projects being considered by the association. In cooperation with the school's administration and our counterparts in the Buchanan, Liberia area, the science lab is the top priority. Next in line is a fence around the property to help prevent theft. The third project is to provide a fully equipped computer lab with up to date computers. 


These are pictures illustrating the work on the science lab renovation project. The addition of the stairs project is also depicted in these photos.

The Fence

The fence around the school property is another project of vital importance to the school's administration and the Bassa High School Association, USA. It is important because it will provide a greater means of deterring potential property theft. In the absence of a properly constructed fence to secure the school's properties and equipment, all material investments to enhance quality educaton will be at risk. Currently, the campus has a fence that does not fully surround the whole place. This is an expensive but necessary project that must be undertaken.

The Scholarship Program


            Cognizant of the importance of education to the general well-being of society, the Bassa High School Association, USA has as a priority, the commitment to fostering academic excellence at the school. A number of measures have been taken over the young life of this association to move in this direction. Among them is the encouragement given the teachers and staff to put in their best efforts to produce a caliber of graduates that can compete with their counterparts from any part of the world. In this light, the association has complemented the government efforts to recruit and maintain some of the brightest teachers in the nation to assist the students excel.

            We strive to provide the necessary tools to achieve these objectives. Resources are regularly appropriated to do so.

            Since the inception of the scholarship program several years ago, the association has been providing full scholarships to two students from each class strictly on the basis of academic achievement. This means that the top two students from every grade level are assured that their next academic year are expense free guaranteed. In actual costs, this translates into $120.00 per student, per year, which covers tuition, uniforms (including foot-ware), books and school supplies, as well as every other expense that goes along with a smooth academic year. To give a clear picture of what this entails, the school runs from grades seven through twelve. With many of the classes running two or more sections so as to limit the number of students in each class, The estimated number of scholarships provided each year is twenty-four. If successful with the anticipated expansion mentioned next, this number could easily double, based on criteria imployed.

            In recent years there have been discussions about expanding the program to, among other things, include some impoverish students with the potential to do well if they had the support. It is likely that this will be favorable if the association can generate additional resources to fund such an endeavor. The association works closely with the school’s administration to identify and help bring out the best in deserving students.  



        The Stairs

The stairs is a supplemental project recently approved by the Bassa High School Association, USA body under the leadership of Mr. Patrick Williams. It is a relatively short one, involving the renovation of the eroded stairs depicted in the picture. The main school building has two entrances/exits. The collapse of the stairs left only one entrance which became a hazard in case of emergency. BHSAUSA recognized the need to address the situation. At the moment, the stairs is completed and students now have the additional entrance/exit.

Computer  Lab

One of the priorities identified by the administration of the Bassa High School is a modern computer lab. In today's world of technological advancement, an up-to-date computer learning facility at the school cannot be over-emphasized.

The Bassa High School Association, USA concurs with the administration and would like to consider this challenge if the funding can be secured. This goes hand -in-hand with the school's focus on science, math and technology (a competitive necessity for the modern world). 

Outside Lavatory.jpg

The Outside Lavatory

The outside lavatory is one of the newest projects taken on to help ease the congestion of the limited bathrooms in the main building. It has two compartments (male and female).

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