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Science Lab Renovation


The Science lab renovation project has been one of the single most costly undertaken by the Bassa High School Association, USA to date. While much has been done to improve the situation at the school, there is lot more to do to improve the quality of science education at the institution. The physical renovation of the facility has been completed, giving the building an attractive appearance. Now we have moved to the phase of providing adequate furniture, equipment, specimen and other laboratory apparatuses to make meaningful differences in the instructional and learning environment at the school.


The need for quality science education in these days cannot be overemphasized. Technological and medical advancements are constantly dependent upon a core of well trained and disciplined people of strong science, math, engineering and technology backgrounds. A conducive learning environment plays a virtual role in making this happen.  


This aspect of the project has included putting in new ceiling, new windows and doors, rust proofing the roof, and, painting the entire building interior and exterior. It has also consisted of proving tables and stools for the building, microscopes, specimen, elements, and other science lab necessities. The science lad is not just one room or a couple of rooms. It is an entire building constructed on the main campus of the institution. The extended civil war and other disturbances only made things much worse at the Bass High School as buildings were destroyed and looted. When the dust had settled and places were assessed to measure the extent of damages done, Government’s limited resources led it to put Bassa High School on the back burner. This left our young association with no other alternative but to rally support to make a difference.


It is our desire to gather support to improve the situation at the school to the extent where they can readily compete with any school at the level throughout the world. The few pictures below depict varying aspects of the lab project.

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