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   Scholarship Program Status


The scholarship program has faced a slight setback due to the closure of school to combat the ebola epidemic. The committee itself is being revamped with a new veteran chairperson and highly committed members to effectively administer the program.  Under the leadership of Mrs. Lucinda Nagbe, the program is expected to get properly organized and well managed. Please visit this page periodically for updates and developments on the scholarship program at the Bassa High School.


It is expected that more students will benefit from the revitalized scholarship program, making education a little more affordable at the first and only public high school in Grand Bassa County, Liberia, West Africa. People are not fully aware  that education is not free in Liberia. As cheap as the cost may appear, more than fifty percent of students cannot afford the basic fees and supplies to maintain them for one solid semester at the least. A good program that can accommodate  many students will no doubt yield fruitful results in the years ahead.

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