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Meet Our Board Of Directors

The Board of Directors is the advisory body of the association. BHSAUSA is very fortunate to have a group of dedicated members of its board, most of whoe are also very active members of the organization. They contribute in very meaningful ways towards the success story the association is proud of.

Board Chairman Johnson.jpg
Mr. Calvin R. Johnson,   Chairman 

Mr. Johnson is no stranger to the Board, having served as a member in the past.  A graduate of the institution, class of 1975, he is a very active member of this association. He has served in several positions of distinctions within the association. The Board could not have made a better choice for this position than Mr. Johnson. 

Joseph Sinyan_edited.jpg
Mr. Joseph D. Sinyan

Mr. Sinyan  was elected to the board again after having served previously. He is a graduate of the Bassa High School class of 1972. He brings a welth of experience to the Board to help guide and strengthen the capacity of the Board of Directors..

Mrs. Joanna Caulcrick

Mrs. Joanna Caulcrick is a distinguished member of the board. She served as co-chair for several years before relinquishing the position to the "younger generation". Mother Caulcrick represents the Extension Division of the Bass High School, a member of the class of 1961, and one of the few surviving members of that class. Since getting actively involved in the affairs of BHSAUSA several years back, mother Caulcrick has exhibited a great deal of wisdom, projecting the right balance between the spiritual and natural world.

Mr. Tommy G. Logan



Mr. Tommy G. Logan is one of the most versatile member of the association. He has held several high profile positions over the years. He was the first elected President and also served as Vice President in later years. Mr. Logan is a 1977 graduate of the Bassa High School

E. Caulcrick.jpg
   Ms. Esther Caulcrick

Ms. Esther Caulcrick is one of the newest member of the board. She is a graduate of the Bassa High School, class of 1974. Ms. Caulcrick is a valuable asset to the Board, having served the association in several distinguished positions like Chairlady of the Ways and means Committee, member of Convention Committees, as well as Vice President and Acting President. She joins her mother, Mrs. Joanna Caulcrick who together, they can help shape the direction of the association.

Mr. Charles G. Nagbe



Mr. Charles G. Nagbe is a founding member of the association. A member of the class of 1971 of the Bassa High School, he served faithfully on the board in the past. The board elected him to a seat on the Board again because of his sacrificial services. He is without doubt one of the most valuable members of the organization. 

Mr. Richmond Matthews



Mr. Richmond Matthews is the newest member elected to the Board of Directors. He is a 1977 graduate of the Bassa High School and a very active ember of the association. He has held several positions of distinction over the years, including Financial Secretary, Ways & Means Chairman. He is an asset to the Board.



Dr. S. Obediah Butscher

Dr. Samuel Obediah Butscher is an accomplished educator residing in the State of California. He served for 38 years in the school system, rising to the position of Principal before retiring. He is a 1961 graduate of the Bassa High School and has served as keynote speaker twice at our convention. His election to the board brings wisdom and guidance to help shape the future of the association.

    Dr. A. Joel King


      Member Ex-officio

Dr. A. Joel King is the current president of the association. He graduated from the institution in 1975 and has gone on to pursue many professional careers over the years. He once served as the keynote  speaker at a convention and has been actively engaged in the affairs of the  BHSAUSA, making several contributions in various ways. He is a non-voting member of the Board.

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