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                                                BHSAUSA Inc. BOARD MEETING    
                                                   Minutes of December 18, 2022

Meeting Time: 7:00PM Eastern/6:00 PM Central/ 4:00 PM Pacific Time
Attendees (In random order): Chairman Calvin R. Johnson, Dr. A. Joel King, Dr. Samuel O. Butscher, Mr. Charles G. Nagbe, Mrs. Joanna A. Caulcrick, Professor Mr. William Hares (Special Guest), Esther Caulcrick
Absentees: Mr. Joseph Sinyan (excused absence), Mr. Tommy G. Logan, Mr. Richmond Matthews

The meeting was called to order at 7:06 PM. President Dr. Joel King was asked by Chairman Johnson to open us in prayer, and he offered an encompassing fervent prayer. 
The roll call was completed by the secretary. Next, the Chairman introduced our special guest, Former Peace Corp Volunteer to Liberia, who served at Bassa High School, Professor Mr. William Hares. Complimentary of the efforts being made by members of BHSAUSA, Mr. Hares expressed his desire to join us in our efforts to give back to our alma mater. He said that in speaking with Esther Caulcrick, he learned that Liberia is not what it was when he was there, and things are much tougher now, than then. He conveyed that Miss Pat Reilly agreed with that sentiment, after her recent return from Liberia. Mr. Hares, after confirming that BHSAUSA Organization’s 501(c)3 is in good standing (he did his research), has decided to donate $500.00 from his 401K now, to be followed up with another $500.00 in the months to come.  
President Dr. Joel King thanked Mr. Hares for his contribution, followed by the Chairman, who also thanked him for his donation and recognized him for his dedication to Bassa High School. Secretary Caulcrick followed, thanking, and recognizing Mr. Hares for his continued contribution, taking into consideration his sacrifice as a young man who traveled to Africa and served as a Peace Corp volunteer. 
The Chairman thanked Mrs. Alma Harris Smith for her $500.00 donation, geared toward academics, that has been received by the Financial Secretary. 
President Dr. Joel King presented the proposed budget and discussed the items line by line. Mr. Hares said he noticed that most of the organization’s funds are raised during the convention, and that is not enough to sustain us as an organization. The President entertained an exchange with Mr. Hares regarding grant writing and other means of funding. President King said he has been looking into grant writing but has not gotten around to it because he is very busy. He also notified us of the fact that the school student population has increased from 200 students (when we were students at the school) to about 1,400 currently.  Mr. Hares promised to contact Ms. Reilly, who he says has grant writing experience. Judging from Mr. Hares’ peaked interest, the President Dr. Joel King asked Chairman Mr. Calvin Johnson to send Mr. Hares a copy of BHSAUSA Constitution. President King briefly shared a screen showing a presentation he is working on.  It is a pictorial / video that will display the many projects we have completed as a selling point for the organization. He also stated that Mrs. Lucinda Joko Nagbe is currently on the ground in Liberia and will do a video of the facility. He provided an update, that work continues, on the outside toilet pump.
At the end of the president’s report, a motion was sought by Chairman Johnson to accept the budget. The Secretary Caulcrick moved, and it was seconded by the Chairman, that the proposed budget be accepted for review, amendments, and later to form a part of our archives. 
Other matters: 
We would like to take this time to congratulate our President Joel King who told us he is going to be a full-time University Professor. The Chairman and members of the Board are very proud of him, and we wish him a fulfilling career doing what he loves. 
Dr. Butscher apologized for logging in late. He suggested that we should focus on the curriculum at Bassa High School to ensure the students are capable of critical thinking. 
Board Member Mr. Charles Nagbe said he has input or comments that he will provide to the Board. Chairman Johnson asked that he submits his input via email as the Board Meetings are quarterly.  Mr. Nagbe is expected to email his suggestions as soon as possible to his fellow Board Members. 
Board Member Joanna Caulcrick volunteered to say the closing prayer, in lieu of the Mizpah, and Chairman Johnson happily accepted. The closing prayer was said by Madam Joanna Caulcrick and the meeting was adjourned after an hour and 15 minutes. 

                                                                    Respectfully Submitted,
                                                                         Esther Caulcrick
                                                                         Board Secretary

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