BHSA President’s Award Recipients


Since the administration of president B. Wilmot N. Howard, it has become customary for certain individuals to receive plagues honoring distinguished services rendered the association. Below are some of the many honorees listed by the year of the convention. It is anticipated that other members will roll up their sleeves and give the association their very best as it will not go un-noticed.

2006 Recipients

Mrs. Mary V.M. Reeves

Mrs. Ethel Barnard

Mrs. Geneva Johnson

Mrs. Luvenia M. Kilby

Mrs. Estelle Harris

Mr. Joseph M.N. Gbadyu

Ms. Pat Riley

Mrs. Ethel Brumskine





2007 Recipients


Mr. Tommy G. Logan

Mr. Emmanuel N. Reeves

Mr. J. Alexander Morris

Mr. Charles G. Nagbe

2011 Honorees


Mr. Philemon Harris

Chemistry Department


Mr. Edward J. Harris 

Math Department


Mr. Joseph Deshileds

Biology Department


Mr. Samuel Findley

Physics Department


Mr. Philip Saywrayne

English Department


Mr. Emmanuel N. Reeves

Technology Center


Hon. Chapman L. Adams

Education Officer


Mr. Vee Moillaoh Sheriff

Principal, BHS


Mrs. Estella M. Pailey

Liaison Officer

2008 Recipients

Ms. Serena B. Reeves

Ms. Ida Lloyd

Ms Lucinda Y. Nagbe

Ms. Frances Potter

Ms. Hawa Kpakah


2009 Recipients

Mr. Edward L. Hall

Mr. Calvin R. Johnson

2012 Recipient


Mr. Emmanuel Nuku Reeves

2014 Recipients

Mr. Tommy G. Logan

Mr. B. Wilmot N. Howard

The late Ms. Hawa Kpakah

2016 Recipients

Ms. Kristen Zozulin

Mrs. Joanna Caulcrick

2017 Recipients
2018 Recipients

Mr. Emmanuel Nuku Reeves

Mrs. Serena B. Reeves

Mr. S. Roy Reeves

Mr. S. Roy Reeves

Mr. Charles G. Nagbe

Mrs. Lucinda Y. Nagbe

Mrs. Julia Duncan Cassell

Mr. Johnny T. Barnard

2019 Recipients  
Mrs. Martha Massoud
Mr. Wallace M. Dixon
Ms. Berma Findley
Mr. Charles G. Nagbe
Mrs. Lucinda Y. Nagbe
Mr. Oscar Barnard
Mrs. Alfreda M. Davis
Ms. Pearl V. Knowlden
Ms. Ida E. Lloyd
Mr. J. Alexander Morris
Mr. D. Patrick Williams

2021 Recipients

Mr. Victor D. King

Mrs. Osseh B. Gordon

Mr. Calvin R. Johnson

Dr. Samuel O. Butscher