The Uniform Controversy at BHSS

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 Uniform Controversy At the Bassa High School System

BHSAUSA learned recently that the student leadership at the school, in consultation with the school administration, proposed that the uniform be slighted altered to present a more modern appearance. This has caused a great deal of dissatisfaction among some students and parents. The main cause of contention has been the cost associated with the change. We learned that the new uniform could cost around $70 per student. Furthermore, we understand that a particular vendor was recommended to supply the uniforms. Recognizing that all fingers are not equal, many students and their parents became outraged over the high extra expense of attending a public high school, especially when the Weah government announced that public schools should be free of charge. There were plans for a peaceful protest on the campus of the institution to express dissatisfaction with the decision, and if succeeded, could cause a disruption of classes.


The two students depicted above illustrate the variations in the uniforms. The one to the left is the current uniform and to the right is the new one with a beautifully designed necktie for the seniors. It is not clear whether the issue has been resolved as of now, but we are closely monitoring the situation on the ground. 


BHSS Graduates 334 Students

The 95th Graduation at the BHSS produced one the best classes. This is in terms of quantity of students and their performances on the WASSCE exams. Out of 337 students that took the exams, only 3 were unsuccessful. This was also recognized and acknowledged in the keynote address skillfully prepared and delivered by President Emeritus of the BHSAUSA, Mr. E. Nuku Reeves.

As an appreciation, Mr. Reeves gave two generous donations: $2500 to the school authorities to undertake a project of their choosing, and $1000 to the graduating class for refreshments. The BHSAUSA has a good number of high quality and generous members. Mr. Reeves is one who stands out among them all.




Solar Panel Project 


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The much anticipated solar panel project at BHS is finally underway. The completion of this should help ease the electricity problems plaguing the institution. A constant and reliable supply of electricity to power up the science and computer labs, the copiers and printers, as well as every aspect of operating a modern school.

A Resource Center on The BHS Campus, Operated by USAID
New USAID Resource Room.jpg

The BHS campus has been privileged to host a new resource center funded by USAID. The center has a variety of learning materials along with several computers to enhance the learning capabilities of the students. It is located in a building once occupied by the Grand Bassa County Community College. The building was originally designed to be a cafeteria.



 "Caring through sponsoring"

Sponsor a student in need. For only $120 per year, you can bring smile to a struggling student as this amount can provide a full scholarship to a student for a year. Contact us and we will tell you how. 

Biology Teacher Expresses Appreciation

Following almost a year as a member of the instructional staff of the Bassa High School System with pay, Ms. Agatha M. Grabo recently received six months of back pay from BHSAUSA as agreed in a meeting of the grneral body. It can be recalled that upon learning that the instuctional staff was an all male one, the association expressed concern when it was rumored that female student were being impregnated by male teachers for passing grades.

As a result, two female science teachers were brought in at the association's expense with the hope getting on the Ministry of Education payroll  within a year or so. A pledge was made to pick up the tab by a generous donor instead taking funds from the treasury. After a few months on the job, one of the female teachers became disenchanted and found emplomeny elsewhile. Ms. Grabo was patient and decided to hang around not only because she believed in our association, but also because of her love and commitment to imparting knowledge into the minds of young people.

The delay in payment was due to some misunderstandings between the association and the donor, leaving the two teachers in a position of uncertaintity.

The BHSAUSA recently came thru and disbursed payment to the remaining teacher, Ms. Agatha Grabo to the tune of six months of back pay. She exemplified the expression that "patient dog eats the fattest bone."

Upon receiving the funds, Ms. Grabo sent an appreciative message to the association via President Joel King which read, "I want to take this time to thank you and the organization for your help and support. Thank you, may God richly bless you and all those who are part of the organization for your support to instructor and the supporting staff, amen."

This is the kind of encouragement that makes the organization feels committed to doing even more for the good of the school in every aspect of physical and academic development.

Students learn to improvise during a science class experiment. Their interest in the sciences is impressive. One can only imagine how much more they will be able to do when they have a fully functioning science lab.

Chemistry Class at BHS

Bassa High School students actively engage in theoretical and practical chemistry. Courtesy of Ms. Kristen Zozulin, Peace Corps Volunteer and leading Chemistry Instructor at the institution. Since her short tenure at the school, students have been exposed to hands-on learning experiences in the sciences. It is sad that she will be ending her tour of duty shortly. We appreciate her invaluable contribution to the school and country.