Renovation work on BHS Main Building

Completed Renovations At the Bassa High School  

With the assistance from the PTA and Alumnus Wallace A. Dixon, the main building on the campus of the Bassa High School, a major facelift was given or alma matar. For their part, under the leadership of President S. Mabu Torbor, the PTA undertook the task of painting the building, both inside and out. This gives it a bright new and attractive look. For his part, Mr. Dixon provided the funding for the replacement of all of the broken window glasses on the first and second floors. All of the windows on the third floor, including the Principal and Registrar offices, as well as the auditorium were replaced earlier. The works were carried out by Wreyu construction, under the leadership of Mr. Steve Wreyu. 

The county's oldest and largest high school has once more become an attractive symbol for all associated with the institution. It is also a very welcoming attraction to the city of Buchanan. With the new roof, new windows, renovated restrooms, new auditorium chairs, science laboratory equipment, specimen and apparatus, the BHSAUSA and supporting partners can pat themselves on the back for the jobs well done.


Classes Resume at BHS with 

Seniors Starting First

Since the cancellation of classes due toe the Covid-19 pandemic, the Bassa High School authorities recently began classes, starting with the senior classes. Students are taking the necessary measures to prevent the spread of the virus. They are wearing face masks, observing social distancing, and washing hands frequently. It is not known how early the rest of the student body will be returning to classes. We pray that all of the students, faculty members and staff will be save for the duration of the pandemic. We ask that everyone adjust to the new normal until the medical sciences can come up with a lasting solution to the problem. 



BHS Campus Selected

Venue for Major Event

The Carter Center with the support of the Government of Sweden recently hosted a major event in the auditorium of the Bassa High School. It was a conference on strengthening of Traditional Leaders to advance and implement good governance and community justice practice. It took place on July 17 - 18 2019. 

A Resource Center on The BHS Campus, Operated by USAID

The BHS campus has been privileged to host a new resource center funded by USAID. The center has a variety of learning materials along with several computers to enhance the learning capabilities of the students. It is located in a building once occupied by the Grand Bassa County Community College. The building was originally designed to be a cafeteria.



A major project implementation is underway at the Bassa High School. It is the construction of the much needed outside lavatory to help ease the congestion and frequent clogging of the limited bathrooms in the main building. The outside bathrooms will both cut down on the wait time for students to attend to nature and pretty much eliminate the problem of clogging. When completed, the building will have two compartments (one for male and the other for female). In the female compartment, there will be four commode-like sections where four girls can use them at a time. The male compartment will have three commode-like sections plus urinals. It will be good for sanitary purpose as the guys won't have to go behind the building. The facility will model the Chinese style lavatories which are both low maintenance and convenient.



 "Caring through sponsoring"

Sponsor a student in need. For only $120 per year, you can bring smile to a struggling student as this amount can provide a full scholarship to a student for a year. Contact us and we will tell you how. 

Students learn to improvise during a science class experiment. Their interest in the sciences is impressive. One can only imagine how much more they will be able to do when they have a fully functioning science lab.

Chemistry Class at BHS

Bassa High School students actively engage in theoretical and practical chemistry. Courtesy of Ms. Kristen Zozulin, Peace Corps Volunteer and leading Chemistry Instructor at the institution. Since her short tenure at the school, students have been exposed to hands-on learning experiences in the sciences. It is sad that she will be ending her tour of duty shortly. We appreciate her invaluable contribution to the school and country.

Thanks to Board Member, Dr. Samuel O. Butscher for his generous donation of $500 towards the modification of the project. It was originally proposed to have equal sections in each compartment. He suggested adding an extra section for females and followed it up with the pledge to help accommodate the cost overrun. He put his money where his mouth is.

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