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This Is Who We Are




Bassa High School is the only public High School in Grand Bassa Co. For many years she has been the haven of quality education for many of Grand Bassa County’s sons and daughters who are playing vital roles in their country and throughout the world.


Yet, this very important institution was not spared from the wanton looting and destruction brought on by the Civil War in Liberia. The school building was used to educate the children by day and to host hundreds of war victims at night. Much of the school, including the science building and library, experienced severe damage. It was during these difficult and trying times that graduates, former students, and friends of Bassa High School residing in the United States as well as Liberia realized that something had to be done to rescue their Alma Mater.


The first such efforts to organize an association in the U.S. took place in the 1980s in Silver Spring, MD. However, in February of 2002, a group of graduates, former students, and friends of Bassa High School attended the funeral of a fallen graduate in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was the conversations at this unfortunate gathering which led to future plans to organize an association for the sole purpose of rendering aid to Bassa High School.


Immediately following the meeting in Minnesota where, Mr. Tommy G. Logan was charged with the responsibility to organize said association, he returned to Maryland and summoned several graduates and former students in the DC metro area to series of meetings. Those present at the second exploratory meeting were: Obediah Glay, Marian Kadie Fahhbulleh, Tommy G. Logan, David Mooney, Hawa Kpakah, Wilhelmina Vah, Elkina Kolleh King, Jerry A. Reeves, Wayne Doe, Patrick Williams, Austin Joko Bryant, Frances Potter, and Ruth Hawa Morgan.

As a result of these meetings, committees were appointed in order to plan a national convention in August of 2003. Participants in these committees were: Tommy G. Logan, Edward L. Hall, Emmanuel N. Reeves, Joseph D. Sinyan, Hawa Kpakah, Lucinda Y. Nagbe, Alfreda Davis, Serena B Reeves, J. Alexander Morris, David Fesseh, Henry Blojee Kangar, Patrick Williams, H. Wendell Chasson, Samuel Reeves, Charles G. Nagbe, Oscar V. Barnard, and Nathaniel Brumskine.

Later, the convention elected the following individuals to lead the organization for a term of two years. They were: Tommy Logan, President, Alfreda Davis, Vice President, Lucinda Y. Nagbe, Secretary, Mildred Karpeh , Chaplain, J. Alexander Morris , Treasurer, and Serena B. Reeves, Financial Secretary. Board of Directors: Emmanuel N. Reeves, Chairman, Jermone Gayman, Vice Chairman, Joseph D. Sinyan, Member, H. Wendell Chesson, Member, and Patrick Williams, Member.

Today, the Bassa High School Association has become a viable organization which has undertaken many momentous projects geared toward the improvement of the school’s academic programs.

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