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Frances Potter-Baigebo

Mrs. Frances Potter-Baigebo is a true daughter of the Grand Bassa County soil. She hails from District number three and the Liberia Agricultural Company (LAC). During her early and high school years, young Frances excelled academically. Her academic performance was exceptional to the point of leaving school officials no other alternative but to do something unprecedented; giving her a double promotion at the end of the second marking period of the first semester of 1970. Frances left her classmates in the seventh grade and did not slow down nor look back. By the end of the academic year, she was again promoted to the next grade earning her two promotions in an academic year and making her high school stay five years instead of the normal six years.


Frances went on to the University of Liberia right after high school to study medicine but faced with family and financial challenges, she had to drop her hope of studying medicine and changed to study Agriculture. She still managed to graduate within a reasonable amount of time.


Upon graduation Frances worked with a USAID agricultural relief project in Nimba County where she provided invaluable services to the rural agricultural development sector. . After three years of distinctive service in rural project management, her quest for advancement led her to join the Agricultural Economics department of the University of Liberia as a Teaching Assistant when she saw an opportunity to pursue her Masters’ Degree abroad and return home to help develop the department. Unfortunately, this dream was short lived as the civil war broke out, forcing her to flee the country.  When she returned home she took up employment with the Catholic Relief Services in Grand Bassa County as a Relief Supervisor. She later immigrated to the U.S. still in search of a better life. Here in the United States, Frances has obtained her masters’ degree in Public Administration from Staryer University. She currently works as a Patient Financial Advisor at Sanai hospital in Maryland.


Frances interest of and commitment to her alma mater started long before she joined the ranks of the BHSAUSA. During the latter part of the 1990’s, she was concerned about the hopelessness of Liberian students in their quest for better education. She, along with a number of former students and graduates of BHS formed a local branch of the alumni association where she served as secretary to the administration of Nathaniel Innis. Her immigration to the US in 2000 was laced with the same zeal and concern. A few years later when BHSAUSA was organized, Frances became an active member. She served and continues to serve in several distinct capacities; secretary, member of the board of directors, and now Vice President.


Frances is happily married to Mr. Harry Z. Baigebo, Sr. and they live in Maryland. She has received several honors from this organization and other Bassa organizations over the years for her dedication and outstanding services to the upliftment of Grand Bassa County. In addition to serving as an officer of the organization, Frances is actively serving on most of the standing committees, providing valuable resources to all.


We are proud to feature Mrs. Frances Potter-Baigebo as our personality of focus for this period.


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