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 Elections at BHS

Democratic Elections At the Bassa High School  

Students at the Bassa High School went to the polls to elect a new corps of officers to run the student government. The election was hailed as a model for democracy where student exercised the highest standard of free and fair. There were election observers at all stations and everything went as orderly as could be.

Lessons can be learned from this for the national government. The peaceful transfer of power is extremely important in the democratic process. 

Congratulations to the student body for displaying maturity and responsibility. Congratulations also to the newly elected officials and the outgoing ones as well. Principal Sherriff and staff are doing an exceptional job in guiding our students into becoming responsible citizens. 


Roof Renovation Project Gets 

Underway with Contractor

Steve Wreyou

The long awaited roof renovation project gets off to a good start with Contractor Steve Wreyou at the helm of the job. Having received the necessary funding, Mr. Wreyou has purchased the materials (including quality zinc) to give the roof a new and lasting look, as well as make it ready to withstand the weight of the solar panels to be installed. The main building is the tallest structure on the campus and the ideal location of the solar panels to absorb the sunlight to the fullest. This picture shows the quality of the roofing materials being used. Mr. Wreyou is expected to update our Project Committee regularly on the statue of this project.



BHS Campus Selected

Venue for Major Event

The Carter Center with the support of the Government of Sweden recently hosted a major event in the auditorium of the Bassa High School. It was a conference on strengthening of Traditional Leaders to advance and implement good governance and community justice practice. It took place on July 17 - 18 2019. 



President King pays a visit to the BHS for the second time within a 12-month period. This time he is accompanied by his lovely wife, Margaret, and his three children, Brandon, Brittany, and Brianna. He is expected to meeting with senior staff members of the institution and student government. His children are visiting Liberia for the first time to see the birth place and growing up areas of their parents. It is expected to be a truly remarkable experience for them. We wish them an enjoyable stay in the motherland and save travel back to the US.

Dr. King is expected to inspect some of our ongoing projects while on the ground. He will be making recommendations upon his return. The window glass replacement should be high on the list of inspections.



 "Caring through sponsoring"

Sponsor a student in need. For only $120 per year, you can bring smile to a struggling student as this amount can provide a full scholarship to a student for a year. Contact us and we will tell you how. 

Students learn to improvise during a science class experiment. Their interest in the sciences is impressive. One can only imagine how much more they will be able to do when they have a fully functioning science lab.

Chemistry Class at BHS

Bassa High School students actively engage in theoretical and practical chemistry. Courtesy of Ms. Kristen Zozulin, Peace Corps Volunteer and leading Chemistry Instructor at the institution. Since her short tenure at the school, students have been exposed to hands-on learning experiences in the sciences. It is sad that she will be ending her tour of duty shortly. We appreciate her invaluable contribution to the school and country.

The Top Two Students from each Class at Scholarship Presentation

Every academic year the Bassa High School Association, USA awards full scholarships to the top two students from each class. This is a scene where some of the students posed for a picture with Principal Sherriff and Liaison Estella Pailey. In the background are many of the students of the school. It is important that they witness the award ceremony because they  too can be challenged to study hard and perform well in order to be beneficiaries in the years ahead.

Crowning Queen Taylor