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Presidential Message

 My sincere greetings to you. As we have seen over the past few weeks and months, the development around COVID-19 can happen quickly and with little warning. I know this, and everything about this crisis and pandemic, feels alarming to all of us here, our families in Liberia where about three cases have been identified, and where a few of our alumni have traveled. Yet, I'm confident that God will guide us through it all.

As the implications of the virus pandemic change on almost hourly and daily basis, we are asking you to pray, take the advice of the experts and your public health officials in your locality or the State where you live, because safety is your first concern and ours as well. I like to emphasize that family is what this is all about right now and that we are all in this together. Please let's keep united and call one another, especially those that are in hot areas.

In the weeks ahead, things may get challenging, but through the help of God we will survive, united even more for having managed through unprecendented adversity.

Because of you, "Turris Lucis" lives on. Stay safe!

---Dr. A. Joel King, PRESIDENT---

At the recent election of the Board of Directors of BHSAUSA, Ms. Ida Lloyd was unanimously elected as the newest Board Member, replacing Mr. Calvin R. Johnson who resigned from the Board shortly before the election. All other serving members expressed their desires to continue serving and their wishes were granted. Ms. Lloyd is a multi-talented member that will be an asset to the Board.


Board Member Ida Lloyd
The 2020 Retreat was a Huge Success

In the absence of our regular convention due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the association held a virtual retreat via zoom on Saturday, August 8, 2020. The membership attendance was very impressive. We had up to 32 participants at the peak of the retreat with several distinguished members making presentations on various issues. To begin with Ms. Beatrix Flah presented a strong case for the need of a school nurse at the Bassa High School. She recalled her days at the school when girls fell ill due to a number of conditions like hunger, pregnancy, malnourishment, among others. A school nurse would have been very helpful in not only treating the students, but also in guiding, advising and directing them to the proper channels for help.

For his part, President Emeritus Nuku Reeves talked about endowment, its importance and uses especially in a non-profit organizational setting like our association. He called for the establishment of an endowment for the organization along with an endowment fund. As a man of words and action, he and his lovely wife Serena pledged an amount of $2000 towards the establishment of an endowment fund. This was followed by pledges from other members in attendance totaling $6,150.

Dr. Samuel O. Butscher spoke on education and ways to improve the performance of students at the Bassa High School. He gave example of the methodology employed at his California High School that drastically improved the grades of the predominantly black and hispanic students. He called for similar methods to be devised at BHS to help make the students second to none.

Dr. Samuel Deputie, a new member of the association, spoke on education from another angle. From his frequent visits to Liberia (2 to 3 times a year prior to Covid-19), he reported that from the development budgets for the County over the years, very little were expended on improving the physical and academic conditions of the school. He particular referenced the alleged annual contribution of $1 million for Accelor Mittal Steel Company to the county with hardly anything spent on education. He called for the establishment of a special committee comprising the county legislative caucus, education officials, alumni association members and BHSAUSA to advance the importance of appropriating more resources to education and the Bassa High School.

Mr. Alfred Gentry Perry, another new member of the association, also spoke on education. He looked at the statistical aspect of education. It painted a grim picture of the performance of some major public high schools in the various counties of Liberia. Sinoe and Grand Bassa Counties were the two top performing High schools, but the statistics were not impressive at all. Over all, it shows that there is a lot to be done to improve the educational standards.

The final speaker was our own Vice President, Mrs. Frances Potter-Baigebo. She spoke on mentorship, reminding us of the days when we considered our mentors as "play ma and play pa". People took students not doing well or didn't have the means of doing well, and assisted them to succeed. She called for the association to work with the administration of BHS to somewhat reintroduce the mentorship program as a way of assisting students with the potential to do well but lack the means and motivation to do so.

Project Continuity

President Dr. Joel A. King has vowed to continue implementing the projects of the previous administrations, i.e. the science and computer labs. He recognizes the importance of having modern labs at the Bassa High School. They both go a long way in enhancing the learning performance of the students. 

A man of tech background himself, Dr. King is strongly committed to giving the students the opportunity to compete with their counterparts from anywhere in the world.

Bassa High School Association USA Gets a WhatsApp Chatroom 

To enhance communications between and among members of the association, the BHSAUSA has set up a chatroom. Thanks to the innovative initiation of Mrs. Lucinda Nagbe (the mastermind of the setup). Every member is encouraged to take advantage of this added way of communication. With people spending more time on their smart phones, the move is right for the time we live in. If you don't have the WhatsApp app on your phone, download it from the App Store (for Apple users) and the Play Store (for Android users). 

Cosmetic Work Needed

With the completion of the painting of the main building on the campus of BHS, we have learned that some of the other buildings on the campus could use a paint job also. The picture above shows the deplorable condition of the buildings.


In addition to the BHSAUSA Chatroom on WhatsApp, the association now has another chatrom on WhatsApp. It is called the BHSAUSA DUKPAH. This where membes can post informative and entertainment articles to cheer up everyone and also share findings in the areas of finance, technology, sports, medical, and several others. It is strongly advised that members refrain from posting anything explicit as we are a responsible organization. The other chatroom is strictly for things pertaining to BHSAUSA and BHS.

Generosity Beyond The Walls of BHS

The generosity of Alumnus Wallace Dixon has far reaching effects extending well beyond the Bassa High School Campus. To be more specific, there was a damaging fire in Zohn Town, Number Four District, Grand Bassa County that destroyed several housing units. Learning of this, Mr. Dixon ran to the rescue and is providing the resources to rebuild seven of the units. He is providing the resources and directing the rebuilding of seven units, transforming the outlook of the town. Congrats to Mr. Dixon, BHS Class of 1964 for the concern and assistance!! You are a hero! 

Dr. A. Joel King


Victor D. King

Chairman of the Board

This is the Tower   of light, the proud symbol of BHS 

Bassa High School Students Perform Well on WASSCE

Mr. George B. Gaybueh, the new Principal of the Bassa High School System, informed us of the impressive performance of the BHS students in the 2019 academic year WASSCE. Out of 328 students registered to take the exams, 320 passed in 1 to 6 subjects. They came first in Grand Bassa County and second among all Public Schools throughout Liberia.

It gave us the encouragement that the cooperative efforts between our association and the school are paying off. It is our hope that their performance will be even better during the next academic year.

Solar Panel Project Gains Momentum

Since the much talked about need to have a constant supply of electricity at the Bassa High School, nothing tangeable had been seen until recently. Former Principal Sherriff anticipated the day when the project would have commenced during his administration, but it did not happen.

The pressure has been mounting for the project to get underway for some time now. President King has been very cautious in his approach to the project. He first instituted a fundraising initiative and incorporated it into the annual benefit dinner and ball at the convention. Spearheaded by Ways and means Chairman, Immanuel W. Karpeh, the intiative has become a routine aspect of the dinner and ball.

A giant step taken in the direction of implementing the project was the recent assessment carried out by a credible consultant for a meager cost of $100. The report should be submitted shortly, and based on the findings and recommendation, the next step will be taken.


Work in Progress at BHS

These are the progression of work on the painting of the back of the main building at BHS and the outside lavatory on campus. We salute Dr. Butscher for his donation towards the bathroom project. 

Completed work on the Painting of the Rear of The Main Building At BHS

A look at the completed paint job at the rear of the school main building, courtesy of the BHSAUSA for funding this segment of the project initially undertaken by the school's PTA.

Help on the Way

The BHSAUSA has answered the plea for help from the PTA. The body unanimously approved the funding for the completion of the painting of the main school building. According to the Project Committee Chairman, Mr. Johnny Barnard, the funds have already been disbursed to Liberia for the work to begin. Upon completion, the building will have a beautiful look from all angles of the property.

One of the uniqueness of BHSAUSA is the fact that we have many self-motivated members. Whenever there is a need for help someone always steps in and fill that void. Whether it is financial help, time, effort or other resources needed to get things done, a volunteer will take the lead. Many members have donated such things as prizes for the raffle, mugs for our souvenir, time to visit the school when in Liberia on other personal business, financial help with projects, and the list goes on.

This year experienced a void in our finances with the cancelling of our annual convention (our single largest money-making event), but we still have expenditure. Our only source of revenue has been from membership dues. However, generosity kicked in again. This time it is from former Board Member Calvin R. Johnson. He stepped in and volunteered to finance the entire scholarship program for the selected students of BHS for academic year 2020/2021, saving our treasury thousands of dollars.


Mother Joanna Caulcrick recently celebrated her birthday. As one of the oldest members of the association, we send birthday greetings to this noble woman, still serving on the Board of Directors. May God grant her many more years to come.

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